A Redmi Smart Band Review to Help You Get Started

There have been many Redmi Smart Band reviews written recently; all of them great. The first few Redmi Smart Band reviews were very negative, because the phones just weren’t all that great. Users complained about the fact that the phones didn’t have a big enough screen, and some said they were uncomfortable to wear. Then, there were a few good ones, including one from Consumer Reports, which stated that the Redmi Band is a “really great phone”. The Redmi Smart Band review seems to be changing, though.

Today’s Redmi Smart Band comes with a 1.08-inch touch screen color display, which is bigger than the 1.5-inch screen that was available on the first version. The reason why it’s bigger is because the second version supports Android operating systems, so you can get the best out of your mobile experience when you’re using the Redmi Band 2. Users also complained about the fact that the phones weren’t waterproof, but now, that issue has been resolved. It’s still important to use a case to protect your phone from water, but the Redmi Band is a phone that you won’t regret purchasing.

Redmi Band review participants also said that the Redmi Smart Band is a nice addition to their fitness equipment collection. The fitness band has a large multi-orientation display, which makes it easy to use. Plus, it displays your progress in real time, so you can see how much you’ve lost, how much you’ve gained and so forth. As long as you have the ability to switch between portrait mode and landscape mode, then you’ll have no problems seeing your progress. The impressive 1.08-inch colour display also helps make it easier to view your fitness data.

In terms of build quality, the Redmi Smart Band is one of the better built fitness devices of its type. The phone runs on a powerful MSM processors, along with an Adreno GPU. The two features combined are capable of providing superb performance, making the Redmi Band a very powerful gadget. The same power can be seen in the native applications of Android, which have been designed by Redmi.

The battery life of the Redmi Smart Band is a little short, though. According to some reviews, a full day of heavy usage could drain out a respectable thirteen hours of power. Fortunately, this isn’t a major concern. For the average user, battery life is more than adequate. Plus, several Redmi bands offer a standard one year warranty, so if anything should go wrong with your fitness tracker, you know you’re covered.

Overall, this is a very impressive piece of kit. The Redmi smart fitness tracker combines high tech design with top notch performance. It’s not too big nor too small, and the charging system is quick and easy. The Mi band is sure to capture the interest of many, but it’s important to note that this device is not a stand-alone device – you still need to have your own fitness coach or online workout plan to get the most out of your new piece of tech.

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