The Country on the Blockchain

The citizens of Liberland have elected to create a country free of any government interference called” Liberland”, and their efforts are being rewarded with a highly unique open source software platform called “Open Source Liberland”. This open source software platform allows anyone to create, modify, compile, design, and promote projects right from the comfort of their home. They do not need any previous programming or coding experience. If you want to become involved in this Liberty City project, there are three ways to get started. These are detailed below.

One way to get involved is to use the PayPal button on the official Liberland website to fund their project. This button can be found on the top menu, next to the “Become a Citizen” option. Once the user clicks the button they are taken to the “Fund Liberland Project” page. Here they will be able to choose how they would like to contribute to the project by selecting which funds they would like to contribute.

The second way is through the use of their bank account. In order to do this a person must log onto their bank’s website, access their funding options, and click on “Submit Your Application for Donation”. Once they do this, they will be taken back to the “Become a Citizen” page where they will see their options. Here they will see if they want to donate money, offer donations in other ways like artwork and books, or even volunteer their time to help Liberland become a country. There is even a section where they can choose if they want to become a citizen of Liberland and also have the ability to vote on issues that affect the country.

Finally, the last way is through the use of their Facebook and Twitter accounts. Anyone that wants to become a citizen of Liberland can do so by visiting the Facebook page” Liberlandia” and following the link to the website” Liberland election”. On the webpage they can browse through their current options and change their selection to “Join the Movement” if they are interested. Then they will have to verify their email address before they can officially register.

On the bottom of each page they will see a badge with their name printed on it. This is done to keep a record of everything that each person does on the site. All information is kept strictly confidential between the government and the citizens. Anyone that doesn’t follow this rule will get a red card and will have their name removed from the system.

The website “Liberland” is one of the most successful ones ever created. The website has helped more than one hundred thousand people throughout the world live their dreams. The people that have lived their dreams using the Liberland: The Country on the Blockchain system have shown great growth and have reached a level of confidence to become part of politics. The system has brought great opportunities to them. Their work and their achievements have been recorded in a book that details their incredible journey.

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