Top 5 Free Social Media Schedulers

When it comes to social media management, selecting the best tool for your needs is paramount. It should have all of the features that your business requires and be compatible with multiple platforms.

The best free social media schedulers can help you stay on top of your efforts while making content publishing simple. These tools enable you to manage all of your accounts from a centralized location.


Buffer is an intuitive free social media scheduler that integrates with many tools. It boasts features like analytics, post composer, and team management – making it the perfect all-inclusive package.

Additionally, it features a photo editor called Pablo that makes creating content for all your social media accounts effortless. Choose from 600,000+ images, adjust the size according to which network you are posting for, and personalize each post with text or branding.

The free plan allows users to connect up to three social accounts and schedule up to 10 posts simultaneously. Paid plans start at $15 per month for up to eight social accounts with 100 scheduled posts.


Later is a social media scheduling platform that works for Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin and Pinterest. With its visual-first approach, Later prioritizes image and video posts.

Later also provides several efficiency hacks to increase engagement with your posts. These include best time to post recommendations and customized hashtag suggestions tailored specifically for your audience.

This platform is free and can be utilized to create a scheduler that works across various social media accounts. It’s ideal for small businesses looking to automate their posting processes.


Hootsuite is a widely-used free social media scheduler that supports multiple networks. It also offers useful features like analytics and mention tracking.

Hootsuite makes content creation effortless, featuring text, images, videos, GIFs, emojis and hashtags for multiple accounts at once. With just one click you can effortlessly craft engaging posts for multiple platforms at once!

Posts can be scheduled ahead of time and automatically adjusted for Daylight saving time (DST), if selected as your time zone.

Post editing and deletion are easy with social networks as well as Planner. If a post fails to publish, its reason will be displayed so you can identify and fix the issue quickly.


SocialOomph is a free social media scheduler that offers various features. Among these are Twitter and Facebook scheduling, content posting, following people and monitoring activity as well as short URLs and direct messages (DMs).

SocialOomph also offers an app that lets you manage your accounts while on-the-go, as well as monitor analytics and automate tasks.

One of the key features is the ability to create a scheduler for all your social accounts in one place – perfect for teams and small businesses alike.


SocialBee is designed to simplify social media management. It helps you bulk schedule, re-queue, and expire posts with its built-in Canva editor and AI assistant for stunning content creation.

SocialBee also provides a category-based UTM settings feature that enables you to set custom Ref parameters for each URL. This makes tracking links across multiple platforms much simpler, helping you improve the efficiency of your campaigns in the long run.

SocialBee allows you to track the growth of your social media audience on any platform or time period, monitor post reach and engagement, as well as examine top-performing pages. This provides valuable insight into what works for your business and how to enhance future campaigns.

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