5 Programming Languages That Built the Internet

Many of us who are technologically challenged are also in love with programming languages. These languages such as Java, Perl and Python have shaped the internet as we know it. They have created websites, shopping carts and even email systems. It is very amazing what programming languages can do. Yet these same languages can be used to build an entire internet application.

Computers were once simple machines. They did not have any memory, storage space. Everything was stored in a single mainframe on a computer rack. A computer worker was Manning the mainframe when a new request was received. When the response was processed the information was transferred to a terminal and the job was done.

As computers became more advanced and the memory was added, they started to store more information at the same time. This led to a severe memory overload and the computer crashed. This is the same basic concept that has happened to our modern computer systems. There was too much data and the programs became too complicated to understand. A programmer had to be called in to fix the problem.

Nowadays we have advanced computer systems that handle web requests much better than our predecessors. What happened is that web browsers are now able to process thousands of requests per second. This makes it impossible for a human to keep up with the demands that come to their computers. This is where programming languages become extremely advantageous.

While the human being cannot deal with this kind of demand, the web browser can. Today’s web browsers contain very sophisticated features such as cookies, cache, Perl and Python scripts and a multitude of other programming languages. When one of these advanced features is used to access a website many programming languages are used along with HTML coding.

The simple truth is that web browsers are not designed to handle complex code. They were not created with these advanced features in mind. All they are designed to do is read basic text and navigate to websites. However, programmers took this fact and went a step further by making the web browser interface very interactive. They added web programming languages into the mix because they understood that these languages would make the internet much more interesting. Today’s internet is the engine that drives business around the world.

Web browsers are not the only building blocks of the internet. A few years after the web was born, programming languages also became very important to the web. These languages have allowed for a plethora of different websites to be built and serve their customers. Without these languages none of the major companies could even begin to compete with each other.

If you are a programmer then you know all about how important building blocks such as the web browser and programming languages have been to the internet. If you are not a programmer then you may not be aware of how these things have helped the internet grows. In order to understand how these things work, you must first understand how the internet grows. This is a simple process but anyone who has ever built a website will surely agree that it takes many building blocks in order for anything to function properly.

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