Excel Hardware – The Best Home Hardware Additions For Your Kitchen

Excel Hardware is a leading homeware and hardware retailer in Singapore, offering products for every aspect of life at home – kitchen accessories, LED lighting solutions and smart furniture are just a few examples of products on their menu. Recently they unveiled an online catalogue which allows buyers to browse products and purchase them conveniently through smartphones.

The soft-closing tall storage unit system

Excel Hardware’s soft-closing tall storage unit system features five baskets to maximize kitchen cabinet storage space. Its minimalist nature ensures hassle-free maintenance, while long-term mechanisms guarantee durability – making this an excellent option for homeowners seeking a well-organized kitchen cabinet space.

Excel’s newly launched product offering, designed for homeowners looking for a stylish solution that’s easy to install, is perfect. It works seamlessly with any laminate or color option and features a modern aesthetic while being sturdy enough to support up to 18kg in weight, making it the ideal solution for busy households.

Excel was established as a homeware and hardware supplier with 50 products when it began operations in 1998. Today, they’re recognized as an industry-leading manufacturer and wholesale distributor offering high-quality renovation products that satisfy discerning renovation demands in their region. Their selection includes doors, knobs, hinges and modular wardrobe systems.

The soft-closing kitchen cabinet system

Cabinet hinges with soft close capabilities slow the door in its final moments before closing to ensure that it never slams shut, making this feature especially helpful in households with children or pets, while also helping extend cabinet lifespan.

Kitchen cabinets that slam can cause serious damage, leaving behind dented frames and scuff marks that leave their mark. Furthermore, this continuous banging can put undue stress on appliances wedged between cabinets that get caught between each slammed cabinet door – soft-close cabinet hinges can be an easy DIY solution that save money and lower noise levels in your kitchen!

First step to installing cabinet doors properly is selecting an appropriate hinge type that matches them; you can do this by looking at each hinge and seeing what fraction of door overhangs its frame. Next step should be selecting whether exposed or hidden hinges will best meet your needs.

The soft-closing bathroom cabinet system

This system makes organizing all of your bathroom essentials stylishly while saving space easier than ever before. Plus, its soft-closing cabinet hinges ensure smooth door closure.

This unique hinge features a hydraulic piston system that activates when the door comes within inches or two of closing, stopping it before impact with the cabinet box occurs and thus avoiding slamming noise as well as prolonging their lifespan. This system eliminates both slamming noise as well as noise pollution, providing peace and quiet.

Soft-closing bathroom cabinet systems are an ideal way to increase bathroom storage without taking away space. Easy installation instructions guide users step by step through this process. Constructed from quality materials, durable yet attractive designs are made for any style home and offer affordable prices with their wide array of colors available to choose from.

The soft-closing kitchen drawer system

Soft-close drawers are an increasingly popular kitchen hardware addition that can create an inviting ambience in any home. Specifically, soft-close drawers are designed to prevent accidental slamming that could potentially cause irreparable damage to both the drawer and its contents, using running mechanisms that catch it in its final 25 degrees of closure to help it close more quietly and quietly – plus they provide greater safety if children are present who could accidentally shut it shut themselves!

Before installing soft-close drawer slides in any environment or for any purpose, it is crucial that you consider both their environment of use and occupants. For instance, in a nursery setting it might be wiser to opt for soft close slides instead of traditional drawer slides due to their quiet operation as this won’t wake up your baby with loud slamming noises. In addition to being quieter than conventional slides they are also easier to open and extend fully and installed using an appropriate drawer slide jig for ease of installation.

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