Google Doodle Games

Google often creates fun doodle games you can play on their search page to help stimulate and pass the time, as well as teach sketching and drawing techniques.

Each player draws their Doodle Card without viewing it first, then draws their narrative using the lines provided and adds a title – earning points according to its value.

Doodling is a great way to stimulate the brain

Doodle games often get a bad rap for being mindless, but they actually can be highly stimulating for the brain in many ways. By activating “unfocus” circuits of the brain and providing an opportunity to activate them more creatively – especially during timed doodle expeditions!

Doodles are uncensored marks that arise spontaneously without prior thought, often including abstract patterns or designs and images of concrete objects. Doodles do not indicate an inattentive mind; in fact, studies conducted between 2009 and 2012 demonstrated that participants who doodled during lectures or meetings remembered more information than those who didn’t doodle during these activities.

Google has made many doodle games over time, such as The Great Ghoul Duel – released for Halloween 2022 – and Musician Oskar Fischinger (created to celebrate his 117th birthday), among many others. Some are multiplayer while others allow for visual music composition.

It’s a great way to pass the time

Are you in search of something fun and interactive to pass time between meetings (or during them!)? Look no further than Google Doodle games as they’re an ideal way to pass time at both work and at home! With their engaging mini games that let users kill time in short bursts while keeping focus.

Google kicked off this retro series last April with Coding for Carrots, an educational game for children introduced them to Logo, a block-based programming language designed for them. Other featured games include one that lets players throw gnomes with a catapult; testing your skills using Rubik’s Cube; and commemorating 125 years of the Pony Express.

Champion Island Games is another entertaining Doodle game, where you take on champions in table tennis, archery, rugby and artistic swimming – it may take longer to finish, but definitely check it out.

It’s a great way to engage students

Doodle games are an engaging way for students to engage with learning and stay focused during lectures and assignments. Research has demonstrated that students who doodle during these periods retain information better and make sense of complex ideas better due to how stimulating doodles are on brain function, relieving stress levels and encouraging creative thought processes.

Doodle games provide students with a fun and engaging outlet to express themselves freely, which helps build self-esteem among students who may struggle to concentrate in school due to ADHD or autism. This is especially beneficial when trying to focus on academic tasks at hand.

Google Doodle games vary from simple and interactive to more in-depth experiences, like those to commemorate Jerry Lawson – designer of the first home video gaming system with interchangeable cartridges – who allows users to play five arcade games. Another Doodle, honoring the Pony Express at its 155th anniversary includes an educational activity to teach about historical geography and culture.

It’s a great way to complete homework

Google Doodles may appear to be simple forms of artwork that transform their logo, but the company also publishes games that offer an interactive way of passing time or learning something new. One recent Google Doodle game allows players to play Pictionary against an AI neural network: accuracy brings rewards!

Other doodle games provide education about historical events and cultures. For instance, one released to commemorate the 155th anniversary of Pony Express allows players to control a horse rider trying to transport mail between California and Missouri while dodging obstacles such as cacti.

Google Doodle games for Halloween 2018 include Great Ghoul Duel and Pangolin game; each allows you to battle poachers that hunt these animals down before their extinction is threatened. Furthermore, there’s a unique turntable doodle created for Hip Hop’s 44th anniversary!

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