How Proximity Marketing Can Boost Loyalty

Proximity Marketing is basically the localized, short-range transmission of marketing content geared towards a specific geographical area. People receiving such transmissions can conveniently receive such content and have the required infrastructure to do so easily. As the technology is improving with each passing day, the level of quality of Proximity Marketing campaigns has also increased, making the campaign more effective than ever before. However, when one thinks about the complete process, it gets easier to understand how and where Proximity Marketing works. We shall now discuss one particular aspect of Proximity Marketing that makes it a very effective method of marketing.

App users don’t need to wait for a businessman to come up to them before they can check out what they need. If they are in a place where you can find their devices or computers, they can use proximity marketing work without app, reaching out to you at the right time. There are so many times when you might want to reach out to customers at the right time, but if you are not in a public place to do so, you cannot do so until a businessman comes up to you. App users in such cases do not need to wait for a businessman to arrive, they can simply send out their message to you in the middle of the action, as soon as your device comes near them.

Knowing exactly where your consumers are located is important, since this will allow you to make good use of Proximity Marketing to increase your sales. The next question might be: How do consumers locate you, when they are in a location where your marketing campaign is being carried out? To know this, you need access to the right information regarding the consumers’ location. Information such as GPS and maps could be used to determine their location and track their movement. Once this data is available, you can then use Proximity Marketing to reach out to your consumers.

In order to use Proximity Marketing effectively, you should know how to check-in and direct market to your consumers. By monitoring the progress of the check-ins, you will be able to know who among your target consumers are closer to your location, and thus, most receptive to your marketing message. You can then send out your messages directly to them, instead of wasting your time sending out mass mailers or coupons. This way, you increase the chances of making the sale easily and quickly.

With the right tracking of check-ins and location technologies, you are also able to know your customers’ buying preferences, which can be used to serve them better. For instance, if one of your target consumers is fond of coffee shops, you can add coffee beacons into your Proximity Marketing campaign. These will help your consumers know when to get coffee and when to go back to their homes, hence increasing their loyalty towards you and increasing the chances of making a sale.

As of now, there are many different proximity marketing devices available in the market. Some of these are connected to web cams to capture the real time movement of your consumers. Some devices can send out radio waves to keep track of people walking within a certain radius of the device. Such smart devices may soon replace check-ins and geofencing altogether, because they are highly effective and can greatly reduce marketing costs.

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